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Our Love Story

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Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the cold October night in 2016 when, dressed as a large Left Shark who could not dance, I met Adriana, who was dressed as a bank robber with a bag of wine disguised as money.

Any romcom sleuths have probably identified two of our favorite films via the modified quotes above, and perhaps deduced that Miles is the narrator of this origin story. But to all of our guests and supporters, please know that we are simply overjoyed to be sharing these moments with you in real life, and can’t wait to continue writing the next chapter of our lives together. Here’s a short synopsis of the prologue…

It honestly had to have been fate. Adriana was a junior at Occidental College in Los Angeles and Miles working in Palo Alto but hitting the Interstate frequently to watch his Best Man star for the Tigers’ soccer team. Halloween weekend in 2016, a party broke out at Morgan’s residence, Jailhouse, and Adriana was there twinning with Mari in the infamous bank robber attire. With some dry wit or silly comments about Ryan Banard’s mustache, a spark was kindled. And despite the long distance, and Miles’ reluctance to let his siblings in on the secret romance, they both knew there was something special. They talked every day, long into the night, and Miles made plans to come down to LA even though soccer season was over. A December visit to Seattle to watch Adri’s beloved Hawks, walk Rocky through the snowy trails, and meet her amazing parents (Claudio and Cindy), and a subsequent surprise trip to Palo Alto for Miles’ birthday sealed the deal. 

As the relationship grew stronger, they faced challenges that tested our love and commitment, including Adri jetting off to Rome for the semester. But Miles simply found his way to her side, walking the cobblestones and trying all of the gelato. Months turned to years, trips to SoCal blurred, and they supported each other through tough times, celebrated each other's successes, and learned to communicate and compromise.

After Adriana graduated from Occidental, she moved up to Redwood City with Miles, finally living in the same city, and exploring the Bay Area together. Oliver entered their lives, the best dog that there ever was, has been or ever will be. They loved taking hikes, trying new restaurants, hanging out with new friends and old, and just spending time together. Miles continued being a big Nerd, going back to Stanford to get his Master’s in Education Policy on his journey to teach in the classroom. And ever the competitive spirit and ambitious visionary, Adriana decided to follow her own dreams and pursue a Master's degree in Switzerland in Tourism Management. It was tough being apart again, but they made it work. Miles visited her and set the Strava KOM for a tiny bridge crossing from Liechtenstein into Switzerland, they stayed connected through phone calls and video chats, and even met halfway around the world in New York City for Valentine's Day. It was February 2020...

After the pandemic hit, Adriana had to come back to the US to finish her degree remotely, up all night to attend her online classes because of the time difference. Challenging times to be sure, but being together was a tremendous gift, and they supported each other all the way (even though Miles is reallyyy loud as a virtual high school history teacher in the kitchen). 


The last few years saw a move up to San Francisco proper, with daily walks in Golden Gate Park for Ollie. Lots of trips to Salt and Straw, finding a good neighborhood sushi spot, rising early to beat the reverse commute, concerts in the park, visits from friends and family, and too many amazing memories to count. 

Today, Adriana is thrilled to be working at Backroads in Berkeley, planning active biking and hiking trips around the world. And Miles is as passionate as ever about teaching Government, Politics and Journalism to high schoolers in Menlo Park. 

And so here we are, getting married surrounded by our loved ones. It's a moment we've been waiting for, a moment a long time coming, a celebration of our love and commitment to each other. We're grateful for each and every person here who has supported us along the way. And we can't wait to see what the future holds for us, excited to continue writing the story of our lives together, side by side. 

So even though the general opinion is starting to make out that the world is full of hatred and greed, we don't see that. It seems to us that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. If you look for it in Lenzerheide, or in Seattle, or in Penryn, or San Francisco, we’ve got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around. 

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