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March. 21, 2024

Guarda Val, Switzerland 

The wedding week

Tuesday, March 19, to Friday, March 22, 2024

We are so excited for you to be a part of our Swiss adventure!

From Schlittelbahn to skiing, snowshoeing to spätzle, there will be plenty for all to explore! See below for an itinerary of the weeks' festivities, join for what feels right for you!


Getting to Switzerland

Once You Are Here 

Check out our "Things to Do" page, with our recommendations for activities for every type of guest and traveler.

If you would like help booking your ideal Swiss itinerary, please reach out to our exclusive Travel Agent:


Before The Wedding - "Chur"

At The Wedding - "Lenzerheide"

There are many options for those guests looking to arrive into Chur either by train or car before the wedding. 


For anyone planning to stay just one night in town on Tuesday, March 19th, before heading up the mountain to Lenzerheide, we recommend Hotel ABC. It is the most convenient hotel to the train station, located less than a block away. There is a block of rooms at Hotel ABC starting at the discounted rate of 210 CHF, to reserve please email and mention the Bucceri party, or call +41 81 254 13 13



Guests planning to arrive in Chur on or before March 18th, we recommend taking the scenic 5-10 minute walk to one of suggested hotels in town. For those looking for a one of a kind stay, we have a block of rooms at Bogentrakt for ~100 CHF per night. This newly opened hotel is located in the refurbished jail and offers simple, comfortable rooms (hotel and hostel style available) in a truly novel setting in the heart of Chur. Please use the code b568602 to book into our block online. For guests looking for a more traditional option in the center of Chur, we recommend Hotel Stern. 


We have a block of rooms reserved at our wedding venue Hotel Guarda Val for the night before the wedding (Wednesday March 20) and night of the wedding (Thursday, March 21) at a discounted rate of 350 CHF per night. Please call +41 81 385 85 85 or email and mention Bucceri wedding to reserve a room in our block.



Note that Lenzerheide is a ski town with plenty of other options to stay. Several local accommodation recommendations within 10 minutes of the venue include:




The most important thing is to have you with us on our special day. However, if you do wish to give us a gift, our registry can be found here

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